17 Astonishing marketing campaigns. #5 is great!

When we go to the streets we are inundated with advertisements everywhere. Everyone tries to bring his message to so that we consume their products. We attack the subconscious everywhere.

In this collection of images that we present, there are ads that incite you to buy a product, but see very creative ads and carrying a powerful and witty message. You will not fail to surprise you as you go reading and watching these images. Look at the photo carefully and try to understand the message contained in each. For example, the fish of Kingstone, is not so easy, so enjoy these good messages.


1. It seems that this window is quite thirsty.


We assume that the residents of this house get good money from the advertising company though as it seems might also have Coca-Cola free for years. When less is very original and certainly captures the attention of many people in passing.

2. It seems to make sense.


This is one of the most difficult to understand and has something both to those who understand it and those who do not is that you stay looking and thinking and that means the poster. The simplicity of this announcement SanDisk is undoubtedly a reflection of its discreet and technology.

3. A good alternative to toothpaste.


We do not know if this method works when teeth whitening but if it is true that ear pain the next morning must be important. It is not a sign that call much attention but sobering especially when you do not know if it’s an alien experiment or a new form of communication.

4. Time is running increasingly to the poles.


This announcement sobering and very graphically symbolizes what can happen to our planet as we put more pollution. Most importantly poster is the call to not sit idly by. Time is ticking tock.

5. We must save paper to save the planet.


This is one of our favorites. Original tremendously, staged as every time we use paper, we are reducing stocks of trees on the planet. Did you know that using an electric dryer is 10 times more environmentally friendly than a paper towel?

6. A “super-formula” to strengthen teeth.


Imagination has no limits. We hope that this poster was not placed near any road because surely cause more of an accident. We liked how well it reinforces the idea that this toothpaste helps to have stronger teeth.

7. This building will be … well, it was just an ad.


The image is at least flashy but do not really know what you are wanting to convey.

8. The fleas will bite dogs, and these people on the ground seems that too. Frontline Spray: Free your dog bugs


Good !!! It’s a shame to enjoy this mega billboard soil has to climb to the fifth floor of this mall. Once on top the view is worth while we realize that sometimes humans are like little insects that inhabit the earth.

9. Faster impossible. Look at this.


The imagination has no limit some advertisers. Advertising outdoors every day is losing strength and this is compensated creativity. With a budget not too high, you get all city dwellers talk about your brand.

10. Ehhh…


Using local infrastructure to highlight your product is what has made this company short nasal hairs. Bright is the word but hopefully no one will occur cut.

11. Lego and what is in real life.


It had to be Lego Whoever created a piece of urban advertising so bright. Surely every person walking down the street will remain speechless when passing through the side of this building. Congratulations!

12. The strongest man (Gym PowerHoume)


Few buildings have seen in construction and few occasions like this to ensure that projects serve not only to build but to highlight a brand. Great advertisement.

13. This really scary, like something out of movie this ad. (Allstate: You’re in good hands?)


We hope that the car is well tied because we could spend on advertising to catastrophe. This certainly is an example of how the fear of loss can be very powerful and that with what has brilliantly played this insurer.

14. This announcement represents a certain truth, pollution kills 60,000 people a year.


Great sign that society awareness of what is harmful carbon dioxide. We hope that people who live in this house will not look bad for heat their homes in winter.

15. Like the rock? View Heavy Metal Fork.


It had to be a brand like Hard Rock at which something happens like this. Almost always the simplest is the brightest. Congratulations Hard Rock.

16. Better not unlock it. (“Slide to unlock” – hate the bad news: Do not use your phone while driving)


Fantastic announcement to raise awareness of the dangers of driving and using mobile phone. That simplicity and direct this message in which the words are useless.

17. This is a refreshing rinse.


Generate demand is an art and certainly anyone who a shower in this beach take a Sprite.

These advertisements give us a good message and can cause us grace. After all advertisers can give us a good fun time with your ads though put every inch we travel.