4 Easy Diets and How to Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the battlefields of our society. If you wonder what diet really works?, how do they work?, If your really want to lose weight then you have to read these four diets whose effectiveness have been proven and that we have selected for you.

Starts down the carrying many kilos cumulative months and feel better every day. Forget expensive liposuction or miracle weight loss pills.

The most important thing is to choose the one that pleases you or that best fit your dietary habits. The priority above all is to lose weight easily but securely. It is important to stand being a healthy person with good eating habits.

When choosing among the 4 diets we present, it is important to ensure that you enjoy good health and, if necessary, check with your doctor made.

Here are our selection of diets:

1. Chinese Diet


This ancestral diet, plus help you lose weight easily help you refuel. Not suitable for those who are not very passionate about vegetables or fish. Since it is also an easy diet, the healthiest, one week each month can be performed.

The Chinese diet is based on the balance between yin and yang. The balance is achieved by combining the 5 foods that correspond to the five elements: earth (sweet), water (salty), (spicy) metal, wood (sour) and fire (bitter).

It is important to apply the diet cooking steamed vegetables. Combine warm, hot and fresh food at mealtimes. Use oil instead of butter or animal fat. Apply the ying-yang balance (boiling water before adding the vegetables).

 Sample day:

Day 1

Breakfast: Coffee or tea (without sugar or milk) with one or two whole wheat toast dipped in butter. You can replace toast for 3 dried fruit, or a plate of semi-acid fruit or a cup of fruit salad station.

Lunch: Salad of raw vegetables with oil, or a glass of carrot juice, or a plate of semi acidic fruits. 1509 g of boiled or grilled fish or skinless chicken. A handful of walnuts or almonds.

To finish a cup of tea or coffee without sugar.

Dinner: 150 gr. tofu, or fresh sauteed or 150 g of fresh fish shrimp. Fresh to (slightly fried) Chinese style vegetables. A salad of raw vegetables. A tea without sugar.

2. Pineapple Diet


This is an easy diet for its simplicity. The pineapple will help you lose weight if your problem is the retention and excess fat deposits. The pineapple helps you to activate your metabolism and shed fat. We provides iron, magnesium and potassium that help regulate hormones. Recommend for 4 weeks follow. It is convenient to carry a small container for carrying pineapple chunks with you always. Acompañate always a couple of liters of water daily to flush out toxins.

Example of four weeks:

Week 1

Eat two slices of pineapple every time you have need to snack between meals. Be sure to chew well so that the enzymes make good effect.

Before each meal take one or two slices of pineapple to suppress hunger.

Week 2

Fasting takes the next juice: a glass of natural water, the juice of half lemon juice 4 tablespoons fresh pineapple. A low-fat yogurt with two slices of pineapple.

Picnic repeated juice.

Week 3

The same breakfast and snack that week 2 and adds a chicken salad and pineapple to eat.

Three days of that week replaced the dinner drink pineapple.

Week 4

Follow breakfast and snack. Replace two meals a week for turkey and chicken added as accompaniment pineapple juice. Dinner vegetable soup.


Ideally continue thereafter with one day per week incorporating pineapple juice and breakfast two slices of pineapple with nonfat yogurt.


3. Tomato Diet



With this simple diet not only lose weight but you give protecting the cell membrane of the veins and arteries. This diet is not recommended for those with problems of uric acid or diverticula.

If your problem is cellulite and drink too much coffee this is your diet. We recommend not make more than three days.

Sample day:

Breakfast: Only up a juice of fresh tomatoes (optional mint leaf for a touch). After taking the juice prepare a salad of tomatoes, bean sprouts and red peppers with oil and lemon dressing.

Lunch: salad of tomatoes and peppers (chili) with bean sprouts.

Snack: Juice of fresh tomatoes (with optional mint)

Dinner: Same as lunch.

If you have anxiety between meals prepared a smoothie of 5 mint leaves, half a lemon, half tomato, 1 carrot and two glasses of water.


4. Liquid Diet



This diet is recommended for those wishing to lose weight very quickly but not recommended for those who can not stop eating solid. It should last a week and please do not make it more than once a year.

With this small fasting can purge toxins.

Sample diet for the week:

Day 1

Take a liquefied fruit juice (no sugar added) at 8h, 10h, 14h and 22h

Take a vegetable broth at 12h and 20h

Drink plenty of water and tea (unsweetened) throughout the day.

Day 2

Like the first day but adding julienned vegetables to the soup.

You can take one day nonfat yogurt.

Day 3

Add to one of the two meals a plate of vegetable salad. Replace with fresh fruit juices 14h and 22h.

Day 4

Add a dish of stewed vegetables other main meal.

Day 5

Add a baked to a main meal egg.

Day 6

Add to the other main meal a small portion of boiled fish.