5 Jobs with lots of future. I need a job!

If I look for work, I want to know these 5 jobs! The future will be very competitive and not to be missed. The jobs of the future will bring more possibilities, because finding a job is not easy these days and will be even less, in the competitive world that we move with every passing day.

It is for this, that before thinking I seek work from simple action, we should prepare for it from a life plan and projects of previous training. What if before deciding on a college career at random or by taking training courses on intuition, we learn about those professions and occupations that will give more opportunities and better paying jobs.

We bring then five jobs of the future for an idea of what most certainly publish job boards and classified ads in the coming years are met:

1. Technological Detoxification Therapist


This is a job with a great ride, and which over time more people become addicted to technology and require professionals to help them manage their anxiety and achieve a balance between your virtual life and normal life. This job can be very interesting, since insurance may do work from home, treating patients personalized and closely.

2. Quarantine Manager


With the current situation we live in today, it is very common that we face pandemics and viruses in different regions of the world, as in the recent case of Ebola, for which a required public employment, will be the professional who administers quarantines and formulated in conjunction with the health system, the action plan to control and cope with such situations.

3. Chemical food specialist


I still can not imagine as job banks publish their offers, as this work will have a combination of chemical profile with food engineer, farmer and even pharmacist. It will be the professional able to give more texture and flavor to food, taking care to ensure nutrition, in a world in which artificial food becomes the agenda. A specialist in this field never tell seeking job !, as their work is vital and job security offerings left over him.

4. Animal migration engineer


The destruction of the natural habitat of animals, we will need to imperative form of expert professionals in the relocation of species in places that allow them normal development and avoid extinction. This is a job that besides cost, to perform a beautiful work of caring for the planet. An excellent choice for those who love biology that tell themselves looking for a job in something besides giving me money, make me happy!

5. Experts on scientific ethics


Just as it progresses rapidly science, research and new discoveries will be necessary to ensure proper management, for performing all procedures from ethics, avoiding practices that violate human integrity and are allowed society in general. That is why, it is created as a public employment, seeking to incorporate these experts so indispensable and ensure best practices.

Jobs like those above, will be published in the next few years in places where we seek jobs as the labor exchange DF if you live in Mexico or SENA job if you live in Colombia. In any situation, we must assimilate, is that new forms of work appear every day, there are new professions, work from home, new to manage and administer the time completely different ways. It’s in our hands, prepare, adapt, be vigilant and be competitive with all the changes coming in the near future.