14 Curious friendships between animals

We know that some animals can not change his nature or his own nature. Imagine a lion eating coleslaw, Impossible right?

There are things that we think are so well because we’ve seen, but what you’re about to see breaks with these known laws. You can believe that animals have ties to secure food, or you may need to have a good friend is not exclusively human beings.
Naturally, all these images we produce certain emotions, but something else. Why these animals are those strange friendships? Some of these species are known for their social relationships with others of their species but in the absence of other animals of their species seem to seek relationships despite genetics.
We will show some of the relationships between animals for our thought are impossible to conceive. But you’ll be amazed when you see that, despite everything, they seem to be best friends.


1. Dog and owl.


A not so common relationship, but these two seem to have good confidence. Who would have thought that a bird and a dog were to get along. In the picture the dog seems to care the owl but are not sure if the latter is as quiet as is the dog.


2. Deer and rabbit.


Both are tame, but have never been close friends. The hardest thing to imagine is as diverse as animals are encountered because the deer is a wild forest and the rabbit is a nearby animal civilization


3. Dog and deer.




This dog care enough of his friend. Not only are they the same species but are also colorful stalls. A relationship that begins in childhood seems to overcome the limits of nature.


4. Gorilla and cat.


Best nurse could not order this little cat. There are more than a snapshot of this style and it seems that gorillas draw their more “human” part with feline babies. It is certainly a tender image that reminds us of our ancestral origins and the need to care for children.


5. Dog and his friend elephant.


This dog looks up having fun with his friend elephant. This relationship if that is unpredictable and rather seems that the elephant still does not know who is in his loins. Either way it seems that the big guy does not mind the presence of this dog.


6. This dog seems happy with his friends.


This trio of animals are not as good friends as normally see, but here seem to be enjoying a good time together. This is a step beyond the previous as there are two species but three. We are surprised over the relationship between the dog and the cat that any of the two birds.

7. Dog and tiger cubs.


This bitch feeding these tiger cubs, is making a very loving act for these puppies. Curious image even’re not so sure that within a few years the dog could be so calm in the company of their baby tiger.


8. This dog if you are happy with your friend.


Undoubtedly this dog seems to have no better friend than this chicken. These two if they look good friends. They look like a comic cartoon picture


9. Dog and kid.


This dog makes mom with this kid. We believe that it has not even realize that they are not of the same species. The upcoming months each in place but expect this so magical relationship is not damaged.


10. Tiger, Lion and Bear.


A very wild and ferocious trio, but we see them here as if they were best friends. Something that in the wild this would be impossible. Perhaps this is the instant in which we would know not say which of the two is more dangerous. It may be that mutual respect is what achieves the three live together under one roof. Can they sleep without one eye open?


11. Leopard cub and monkey.


This is another of those relationships that do not know how long it lasts. Sometimes we wonder and friendship remains to death but here nature is fully confronted. I hope the leopard does not forget the cares of the monkey mom and behave well when he grows up.

12. Dogs and leopard cub.


All giving a good nap, we hope that when they grow are very good friends. It is possible that this baby leopard dog mix with his friends and future sits just one of the pack.


13. Leon and dachshunds.


This dog if it is very brave or simply a perfect friendship. At least nobody will get with this little dog. I think this leon sees so small and fragile dogs treats them as pets and feel compassion for them. We hope that caregivers daily feed the lion so it will not be tempted to try the Frankfurt.


14. Cat and mouse.


Cats hunt mice, but here they seem to be just friends. If this is possible whatever it is. This snapshot is opposed nature and breaks all boundaries of genetics.

This teaches us that animals can break down barriers between them, and as they do, we can also learn from them to improve our society.