30 incredible pictures of millionaires in Dubai

Go crazy with these 30 pictures from eccentric millionaires in Dubai. In this article you will see the daily life of the rich and the toys they love to buy.

Dubai is located in the south of the Persian Gulf and is considered as one of the leading cities when it comes to architecture in the world. Dubai is one of the seven emirates that form United Arab Emirates.

One of the things that catches your attention when you look into Dubai’s society is that they have a closed to 0% crime rate. The laws are so strict that people don’t want to mess around. Morality is so high that it is within the people to behave according to law. On the other hand they also have a 0% income tax, allowing the wealthiest become as rich as anyone can be. This is one of the reasons why you can see the types of cars they drive, the buildings they make and they toys they buy.

The amount of new buildings being constructed is so ridiculous, that about 20% of the worlds cranes are located here. Here in Dubai is where you are going to find the mega structures that no one else will have in years. They own the largest mall, the tallest hotel and also the biggest marina in the world. Not without mention the largest aquarium ever built. All these places are mainly the reason why millions of tourist visit this place every year from all over the world.

In 1968, there were only 13 cars in Dubai and today, they have double deck highways in order to keep up with traffic. What shocked me about the population in Dubai, is that only 17% are Arabs. 50% are Indians and the rest are all immigrants. This place is indeed a melting pot of cultures and different ethnic population.

The building that really catches your attention is the Burj Khalifa, considered as the tallest structure ever built. It’s 828m tall and has the highest restaurant, outdoor observatory and night club. As you can see these people are not in to the of of the… but they want to make sure they put the word best, most, highest, most expensive and so on in front of everything they have.

Dubai is surely a place packed with eccentricities that also gets reflected on people’s every day lives. We’ve searched through hundreds and hundreds of pictures about Dubai and we’ve selected the ones that are really worth while see. I hope you enjoy the ride.

1. Enjoy the views of the city from this magnificent skyscrapers



2. And wake up in one of the luxury suites of one of the eccentric hotels.


3. Have breakfast while exotic fish swim next to you in your personal aquarium.


4. Once ready, it’s time to ski in an indoor slope in the middle of the desert.


5. Later, you can play with your F1 car on the top of the 7 star hotel.


6.  And in order to move around, you will have to choose what car to ride today.


7. This golden Lambo perfectly fits the sunny days of Dubai.


8. At night silver looks better under the moon.


9. Well, if one of those days you don’t feel like moving on a car, you can always use this extravagant horse bike.


10. If you feel like going ECO for a day, you just have to ride one of your lions.


11. These exotic animals are very common on the streets of Dubai.


12. Some times the copilots are these mascots that back home we only find in zoos. The police will not give fines for talking on the phone with one of this. I promise.


13. You better don’t run from the police. Look at the kinds of Ferrari they use for their patrol.


14. But if ski is not your thing, you can go visit one of the buildings where the rich live. It’s the closest thing to one of those space movies.


15. And play foosball with gold and silver players.


16. And if you can’t fit all your friends and mascots in one car…


17. You can always use this Ferrari limo to get them all in.


18. Even for those who like 4×4 cars, here is the kind of Range Rover they use. You better don’t have a dent on the bumper.


19. The favourite color of Dubai people is gold. They love to paint their cars with it.


20. And fill their interiors with gold like in this Mercedes.


21. Even their technology they love it in gold versions. Here are some iPads and iPhones that do not exist, just for them.


22. But if you are afraid of running out of gold, don’t worry, here is your gold ATM ready for your on the street.


23. Besides gold, Dubai loves Ferrari and they have their own museum.


24. Here you will find every version ever made and some others with self expressions of their favourite football teams.


25. But better not risk running out from the police. You may have a Ferrari but they have Lambos like this one.


26. They can follow you even on water.


27. Dubai is the place where you can play golf over looking the entire city. Look at how this play from a 7 star hotel.


28. Or even celebrate their wedding at the top.


29. Nothing is impossible in this city. You may never thought you could visit the largest aquarium in the world here and walk underneath it.


30. In the city of gold and luxury, not even the trashcan goes unnoticed. Here is a Louis Vuitton trashcan.



Dubai is just incredible…