16 Pictures only for people who think bad

See these 16 pictures only for people who think wrong. These pictures will make you laugh because you will notice that your mind deceives you. Science is investigating how our perception of reality is a bit hard to explain. Our mind deceives us. Even the memories are recreations of past moments, where the mind is … Continue reading “16 Pictures only for people who think bad”

Arthur C. Clarke First Law – Failed Predictions

The first law of Arthur C. Clarke states: “When an old and distinguished scientist states that something is possible, he’s probably right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.” In this law, the same Clark added the need to define “elderly”. According to the science fiction author in the field … Continue reading “Arthur C. Clarke First Law – Failed Predictions”

7 Dental Whitening Tips your Dentist will Recommend You

Meet 7 home teeth whitening tricks using your dentist. The dental care is essential, but you also want them pretty used these homemade tricks. They say a good smile is the best makeup. You only need to open the magazines section of the heart to see the great white teeth showing celebrities. Today enjoy good … Continue reading “7 Dental Whitening Tips your Dentist will Recommend You”

17 Astonishing marketing campaigns. #5 is great!

When we go to the streets we are inundated with advertisements everywhere. Everyone tries to bring his message to so that we consume their products. We attack the subconscious everywhere. In this collection of images that we present, there are ads that incite you to buy a product, but see very creative ads and carrying … Continue reading “17 Astonishing marketing campaigns. #5 is great!”